The End of California 270?

End of California 270 west of Bodie

This may or may not be the beginning of California route 270 three miles west of the ghost town of Bodie. CA 270 is, in fact, the route to the ghost town, abandoned in the 1930s, which is now maintained as a state park in a state of "arrested decay".

One might say the same for the last three miles of the road. After going east eight and a half miles from US 395, the pavement ends. The rest of the road is dirt, with ruts and narrow drop-offs.

You can't even say that CA 270 stops at the boundaries of the Bodie State Historic Park because it doesn't. This marker is about 100 feet east of the end of the pavement.

The dirt road is maintained. I saw a Caltrans grader scraping the road.