The Cordelia Junction

The Cordelia Junction, where Interstate 680 ends at Interstate 80

The Cordelia Junction marks the northern end of Interstate 680 in the Bay Area. This sign assembly indicates the upcoming "fork in the road" for northbound I-80 traffic.

The junction is toward the western end of a nearly four-mile concurrence between California 12 and Interstate 80. That's the reason both routes are represented on these signs.

When photographed in August 2009, the signs still made use of button reflectors. The close-ups below show the reflectors more clearly.

Close-up for westbound traffic destinations on I-80/California 12 One choice is to go west to San Francisco via Interstate 80 or Napa via California 12 ...

Close-up for eastbound traffic destinations on I-80/California 12 While the other choice is to go east to Fairfield via California 12 or to Sacramento on Interstate 80. Note that this I-80 marker wasn't using button reflectors.