Almost a Mirage

Exit sign for California 262 for Mission Boulevard in Fremont

There are very few signs for California 262, which is a semi-secret designation of Mission Boulevard between Interstates 680 and 880 in Fremont. The route is not marked on Mission Boulevard itself, and exit signs along Interstate 880 do not show the route, instead indicating "To Interstate 680". The only signs on which the designations appear are on southbound Interstate 680, including signs in the I-680 express lanes, and this exit sign.

This photograph, which I took in October 2014, was an opportunistic shot: taken with a cellphone camera while the angle of the sun was still low, viewed through a dirty windshield. So it is not the best image. But this is a very busy freeway where it's difficult to get a good view of the sign. Extensive photo editing has been used to get a reasonable image of the sign.