When You've Seen One, You've Seen Them All?

Goof on US 101 in San Jose, California

Did Bud "Interstate 99" Shuster move to California? Not quite. As sometimes happens, a contractor had some signs made that weren't quite correct.

In this case, photographed in 2000, the signs appear on US 101 southbound in Santa Clara between the Montague Expressway exit and the Trimble Road cloverleaf. This wasn't an isolated sign: there was one on Montague Expressway, and two others along US 101 itself.

The signs actually were for traffic from the Montague Expressway, for times when the exit to northbound 101 was blocked by road work. The detour required such traffic to head down southbound 101 about 1.8 miles before looping around the Trimble Road cloverleaf to get on northbound 101.