Right, Then Left

Approaching the south end of the California 113 freeway in Davis

The California 113 freeway section between Davis and Woodland terminates just south of Davis at Interstate 80. That's also very near the Yolo-Solano County line. This sign assembly is just south of that line so, technically, it's not in Davis (since California cities can't cross county lines).

The close-ups below show the button reflectors on the signs more clearly and also represent two of California's major metropolitan areas as the control (destination) cities for Interstate 80.

Eastbound traffic from California 113 to Interstate 80

Going right, and then left to cross over 113 and Interstate 80 to go to Sacramento.

Westbound traffic from California 113 to Interstate 80

Proceeding a little farther to go west on Interstate 80, eventually reaching San Francisco.

These photos were taken in August 2009. California 113 does not end at Interstate 80. From this point west for more than four miles, Highway 113 runs concurrent with Interstate 80, until going south again toward Dixon.