Official detail map for Sacramento (1956)

This is the detail map for Sacramento from the 1956 official California highway map. This map was on the rear side of the map along with detail maps for other California cities. California 24 no longer is a route in Sacramento. US 50 ends in Sacramento instead of continuing on to Stockton (and thence to the Bay Area). US 50 runs on the Business Loop 80 freeway along the south side of downtown Sacramento. US 40 does not exist in California at all. The route shown on this map is now either California 160 (just north of the American River) or part of the Business Loop 80 freeway north of Arden Way. US 99 has been replaced by California 99, running along a freeway shown here as a dotted line. US 99E no longer exists; nor does US 99W. California 16 still runs through Sacramento, though it does not go through the downtown area. The US 40/US 99W route west of Sacramento has been replaced by Interstate 80. Interstate 5 doesn't have a comparable route on this map, nor does Interstate 80 through the north part of Sacramento.