Along the Corridor

Interstate 35 as Missouri 110 in Kearney (2012)
Photo courtesy of Matt Roberds (taken March 2012)

On January 4, the Missouri Highways and Transportation Commission supplemented the existing designation of the Chicago-Kansas City (C-KC) Corridor with a numeric designation, Missouri 110. This Missouri 110 marker along Interstate 35 (also available in a close-up) is at the end of the northbound on-ramp from Missouri 92 in Kearney. According to Matt Roberds, until February or March 2012, this assembly had the "CKC" banner for the corridor, a blue "North" banner, and a blue I-35 shield.

Subsequently, a MoDOT traffic engineer told Matt that MoDOT would rely upon the 0.2-mile markers for I-35 to serve as reassurance markers for the Interstate route. Thus, Missouri seems to have adopted European-style motorway signing practices! (Sort of.)