Just Hope No One Runs Into It

Addition of Missouri 110 designation leads to seven-sign stack of markers in Laclede

When the Missouri 110 designation was added to US 36 between Cameron and Hannibal in 2012, stacks of markers at junctions along the route were expanded to accommodate the new designation. US 36 still has at-grade intersections at some junctions, resulting in impressive arrays of highway markers. At the Laclede junction, Missouri 139 turns west to join US 36/Missouri 110; Missouri 5 is concurrent with US 36/Missouri 110 to the east and goes north into Laclede itself. This photo was taken from northbound Route 139. That marker indicates northbound 139 is straight ahead, but it isn't. It just means you have to cross the median first before turning left. An angled left arrow really should have been used for this purpose.

I photographed this sign assembly ("sine salad" or "sign stack") in September 2012.