Kansas City Design, Traffic Light Division

The Paseo and Linwood Blvd., Kansas City Another view of the Edward Buehler Delk traffic light

Still in service after more than 70 years, this traffic light at Linwood Boulevard and the Paseo in Kansas City is one of the few that was designed by an architect. The Art Deco-style fixture was designed by Edward Buehler Delk, who was also the chief architect of the Country Club Plaza. The cut-stone housing was built in 1931. The polarized lenses for the structure's current use as a left-turn signal are considerably newer, of course.

The view on the left is from the Paseo looking north. The view on the right is from Linwood looking west. The tall self-supporting tower in the background is the KCTV (formerly KCMO-TV) tower, the tallest such tower in the world for 12 years after it was built in 1956.