Missouri 64 and Missouri 64B in Hickory County

Missouri 64B, west endpoint Missouri 64B, east endpoint at Missouri 64

Missouri 64B is one of only two Missouri highways with a letter suffix (the other one is Missouri 64A). It's a two-mile spur into the Pomme de Terre State Park on the south side of Pomme de Terre Lake in Hickory County.

These views of the highway, taken March 11, 2003, are at each end of the highway. The view to the left is at the "west" (really north) end of the spur as it starts the journey to Missouri 64. Perhaps that's why there isn't a directional banner on this marker: the road's going south at the point, not east. It later makes a bend to travel east before joining 64.

The other end of the highway is marked along Missouri 64 by the sign assembly above, including a rather unattractive compressed font for the Missouri 64 marker. The font is so distorted that I can't tell whether it's FWHA Series B or Series C.

Alternate views of each end of Missouri 64B are here.