This Scene No Longer Exists

End of Missouri 269 in Kansas City

Missouri 269, now decommissioned, was once a more extensive route, stretching from US 69, across the Missouri River on the Chouteau Bridge, and reaching all the way to Interstate 70. In later years of its existence, it was shortened considerably. The north end of Missouri 269 in 2008, pictured here, was at NE 41st Street and Winn Road, nearly two and a half miles south of US 69 (Vivion Road) and about a mile south of Interstate 35. The south end was at the Chouteau Bridge, giving the route a total length of around 3 2/3 miles, crossing only one other state route, Missouri 210. It made me wonder why the state and city even bother with the designation because it's so short. I must not have been the only one. When I drove by this location in September 2012, four years after taking this photo, the road was under reconstruction and the marker was gone.

As part of the Chouteau Parkway project, which began in April 2012, the state relinquished control of the entire route, including maintenance responsibilities, to Kansas City. Route 269 was decommissioned as a result.

This photo was taken on northbound Missouri 269 in September 2008.