Three Directions, Three Destinations

Interstate 435 at Missouri 291 with destinations in Kansas City

Interstate 435 forms a loop around the Kansas City metropolitan area. Going south on I-435 eventually leads to I-70 for travel to St. Louis. Going north and west leads to a connecting route to Kansas City International Airport and to I-29 for travel to St. Joseph.

Missouri 291 intersects with the freeway near the northeast corner of the loop, resulting with what may seem to be an odd sign assembly on Missouri 291. I-435 actually continues as a north-south route for a few hundred feet north of this interchange, and then turns to become an east-west route, forming the north side of the circumferential freeway loop around Kansas City.

You can also see a close-up photo of the route-marker assembly.

This photo was taken in September 2008 on Missouri 291 in far northeastern Kansas City.