Missouri 49 in Wayne County

Old Missouri cutout marker re-used as a county marker

At least 20 years ago, Missouri stopped using the smaller-size reassurance markers that used the shape of the state's outline. But not all of them have disappeared!

Reverse view of Missouri cutout marker re-used as a county marker

James Baughn found such a marker (above), re-used as a county marker with the addition of stick-on numbers that look like they came from a hardware store. James describes how he found this marker:

I passed this in the middle of a thunderstorm, but I had to go back for a closer look. If you look closely, you can see that this was originally a cutout MO 8 shield which has been recycled by ... Wayne County to produce a county road marker. (This is on MO 49 east of Williamsville.) Wayne County is notoriously frugal, frequently recycling signs -- and even bridge parts. But this is the most unusual county road marker I've seen.

I'll second that motion! The photo on the right shows the rear side of the recycled marker.

Photos courtesy of James Baughn