Spur 69 in Bethany

North (really East) Spur US 69 in Bethany, Mo.
West Spur US 69 in Bethany, Mo.

Spur US 69 is an east-west road connecting US 69 and Interstate 35 on the north side of Bethany. However, traffic going east from US 69 to I-35 is considered northbound traffic, if the directional banner shown at the left is any indication. Westbound traffic really is westbound traffic, judging by the directional banner on the marker to the right. US 69 and I-35 are both north-south highways.

The spur is short enough (six-tenths of a mile) that you can see the I-35 overpass for the east end of Spur 69 in the photo on the right.

These photos were taken in July 2002, shortly after severe thunderstorms had moved through northern Missouri.