Spur 15, Spur 180, and Spur 240 in Paris and Pagedale

Spur 15 at Paris, Mo.
Spur 240 near Rocheport, Mo.

Scattered around the state are spur routes, usually running less than a mile, either providing a route into a community or an alternate route between two highways. Spur 15 near Paris provides a shortcut for traffic between Missouri 15 north of Paris and US 24 east of Missouri. Spur 240 extends from US 40 and Missouri 240 northwest of Rocheport into Rocheport itself. Usually, supplemental routes are used to provide a spur route into a community.

Also note the Lewis & Clark trail marker on Spur 240.

Spur 180 in Pagedale, Mo.

A rare metropolitan-area example of a spur route is Spur 180 in St. Louis County between Page Boulevard (supplemental route D) and St. Charles Rock Road (Missouri 180).

(Spur 180 photo courtesy of Rich Piehl)