It's a Secret!

Spur Missouri 41 in Miami (Saline County)

MoDOT-standard speed limit sign along unmarked Spur 41 in Miami, Mo. Even though it's shown on MoDOT's Saline County map, Spur Missouri 41 in Miami is not marked. Yet the center line of the road is painted all the way into Miami, and MoDOT-standard speed-limit signs (right) are used along the roadway.

Earlier MoDOT county maps of Saline County also show another Spur 41 in Arrow Rock, but an October 2007 visit to Arrow Rock found no markings of a spur route in Arrow Rock, either. But the evidence for a spur route in Arrow Rock didn't appear to be as strong as the indications seen in Miami.

These photos of probable Spur 41 in Miami were taken in September 2008.