Well, It Used to Be a US Route

US 367 instead of Missouri 367 in St. Louis County
Photo courtesy of Rich Piehl (taken June 2006)

Rich Piehl found yet another in an ever-popular series of construction goofs in St. Louis County in June 2006. Rich sets the scene and explains what's happened:

This is southbound on the service road for Missouri 367 south of Redman Road. During construction the service road is being used as the mainline for Missouri 367. When the construction is complete for about 5 miles north of I-270 on Missouri 367 it will be a Texas style freeway complete with loop ramps to transition from the service road on one side to the service road on the other.

This segment is between US 67 and Interstate 270 in north St. Louis County. At one time, it carried the designation of US 67. It hasn't ever been US 367, though; there's not ever been such a thing.