The North End of Watkins Drive

The north end of Watkins Drive (US 71) in Kansas City, Mo.
Photo courtesy of David Backlin (taken June 2006)

The Watkins Drive freeway, US 71, did not reach the downtown Kansas City freeway loop until 2001. It connects with Interstate 70 at the southeast corner of the loop. Notably, there is not a direct connection between northbound US 71 and eastbound Interstate 70. The sign indicates that the connection must be made via Truman Road.

Aside from the shine from this highly reflective sign, a couple of other things are notable. Interstate 29 is indicated on this sign, even though Interstate 29 technically doesn't start until the Paseo Bridge north of the freeway loop. And US 40 is not shown on this sign at all, even though it is concurrent with Interstate 70 in central Kansas City.