Highway 2001, Faded in 2004

NM 2001, a short spur in Alamogordo

NM 2001 on the northeast side of Alamogordo is a short spur from Scenic Drive to the International Space Center and Hall of Fame, adjacent to the New Mexico State University's campus at Alamogordo.

There is a faint Zía on the marker, but it has faded over time. Alan Hamilton photographed the same marker in 2000. The strong New Mexico sunlight seems to have an especially notable effect on any red colors in highway signs.

Aside from the unusual number, this route is said to be unusual because it does not connect to any other state highway. After visiting the area in May 2004, I'm not sure about that. Scenic Drive seems to be built to a highway-style standard, and New Mexico does not mark all of its highways -- as was evident in 2004 by the Alamogordo truck route (relief route or bypass) around the western side of the city, which was not marked as US 54 or US 70 though it was clearly intended to relieve traffic from White Sands Boulevard (which, in 2004, was marked as US 54 and US 70).