Which Way to NM 240?

Strange direction for NM 240 in Taos

Maybe this is the northern endpoint of NM 240 but, then again, maybe not. This sign assembly, at Ranchitos Road and Camino de la Placita just southwest of the Taos plaza, correctly points the way to NM 68 via Camino de la Placita. But if you were going northbound on NM 240, what should you do? Go back?

The official New Mexico route log and state map indicate that NM 240 also routes along Camino de la Placita to NM 68, but there are no signs for NM 240 at Quesnel's intersection with NM 68, nor are there any signs for NM 240 along Camino de la Placita. So this may effectively be the northern endpoint of NM 240.