The Highway to Los Alamos

Advance sign for NM 502's intersection with US 64-US 84 in Pojoaque

NM 502 is the main route between US 84-US 285 and Los Alamos. As a consequence, a significant amount of traffic enters and leaves the US 84-US 285 freeway at the NM 502 interchange. In addition, the Pojoaque Pueblo owns the Cities of Gold casino just off the interchange. So it's a busy place. This photo, taken on northbound US 84-US 285, shows the area in May 2008.

If you look closely, you'll actually see a turnout to a service road just under the sign, so, technically speaking, the freeway segment of US 84-US 285 could be considered to end at this point. But there is no break in the concrete media for southbound traffic to access the turnout. it a freeway or isn't it? You could argue the point either way.