North from Cuba to Colorado

North US 550 at Cuba, NM

US 550 is well marked in New Mexico along its route between Aztec and Bloomfield in the Four Corners area, and Bernalillo (between Albuquerque and Santa Fé). The highway was formerly NM 44, but was redesignated US 550 in 2000 as a consequence of a major upgrade of the highway to a four-lane road along its entire length. The US 550 designation had formerly ended in Farmington.

This photo was taken north of Cuba, New Mexico in May 2004. It appears a bit odd because the flash on my camera triggered, causing the shield to get more light. This photo was actually taken in the middle of the afternoon -- not twilight!

Also notice the use of two posts for a reassurance marker. For much of US 550's length, two posts are used for these markers.