It Started in Chicago

Beginning of Historic US 66 in Chicago Close-up of Historic US 66 sign in Chicago

At East Adams Street and Michigan Avenue in Chicago, Illinois has marked the beginning of the former US 66 at the northeastern endpoint of the route. Adams Street goes westbound, starting at the front steps of the Art Institute of Chicago; the eastbound historic route is one block south along Jackson Boulevard.

This scene shows a festival of transportation options. There's a Chicago Transit Authority bus pulling away on Adams. Just a short way away, there's the Adams Street elevated train station on the east side of the well-known "Loop" of tracks surrounding the core of downtown Chicago.

A close-up of the sign is below and to the left. In the distance in that photo, you can also see the upper floors of the Sears Tower, once the world's tallest building.

Photos courtesy of an anonymous contributor (taken May 2006)