The Great River Bridge at Burlington

Great River Bridge for US 34 in Burlington, Iowa

The Great River bridge over the Mississippi River at Burlington, Iowa is one of several cable-stayed bridges constructed across the Mississippi River in the 1980s and 1990s. Another was built in 1986 between Quincy, Illinois and West Quincy, Missouri.

The Burlington bridge stands 355 feet above average water level and is the tallest bridge spanning the river. Construction began September 1989, with completion nearly six years later. The bridge was dedicated July 14, 1995.

The photo to the left was taken from the US 34 freeway through Burlington. Exit 263 is the last Iowa exit before crossing the river into Illinois. It leads into downtown Burlington. The photo below was taken from the Burlington visitor's center on the riverfront in downtown Burlington.

Another view of the Great River Bridge at Burlington, Iowa