Welcome to the Forties in Kansas

Welcome to Kansas-US 24

This photograph is one that I found in a collection of photographs that I inherited from my aunt, Eugenia Wyatt, who passed away in 1998 at the age of 93. Beginning in the late forties, she and her husband would take long auto trips from their home in Missouri to see relatives in California.

close-up US 24 shield Among photos of family and scenery, I happened to find this small picture of the Kansas-Colorado border. I have attempted to enlarge the even smaller image of the US 24 cutout stamped-metal shield. Even despite the quality problems caused by attempting to enlarge and enhance a small photo, I think it's an interesting look back. This photograph was probably taken by Eugenia in 1948.

David Backlin traveled on the same route in July 2007. The road no longer carries any route designation, because US 24 is concurrent with Interstate 70, which runs parallel to the old US 24 route on the south. There's no state designation any more, just a county sign to mark entry into another state.

2007 photo (below) courtesy of David Backlin

2007 scene of the Kansas-Colorado state line on old US 24