A Sharp Turn in Wichita

Interstate 135/235, US 81, Kansas 15, and Kansas 96 in Wichita
Photo courtesy of David Backlin (taken July 2006)

The guide signs show a rather complex interchange on Interstate 135 northbound at Interstate 235 on the north side of Wichita, Kansas. Kansas route 96 is also indicated for the right-side exit. As what appears to be an afterthought, markers for US 81 and Kansas 15 are mounted on the left support post for the sign gantry. Kansas 15 is concurrent with Interstate 135 from Wichita north to Newton. US 81 is concurrent with Interstate 135 for all but the southernmost mile of the freeway in Wichita. Interstate 135's northern endpoint is in Salina, about 95 miles north of Wichita.