The California-Nevada State Line (the Welcoming Version)

California state line welcome sign Nevada state line welcome sign

Looking west from Nevada, you see (left) the California state line on Route 28 at Brockway on the north side of Lake Tahoe; on the other side of the road (right) is the Nevada state line at Crystal Bay near Incline Village. Route 28 keeps the same numerical designation in both states as it forms the northern and northeastern part of the route that loops around the lake. US 50 and California route 89 are other designations used along the loop.

I have another photo of the California welcome sign, showing it at a slightly different angle. That photo, and these photos, were taken May 20, 2003.

Views of the state line along Route 28 at South Lake Tahoe are here, in a somewhat more urbanized environment (and without a Nevada welcome sign).