The U-Turn Signal for Old Sacramento

Green phase of U-turn signal on Capitol Mall in Sacramento, California Red phase of Sacramento U-turn signal Yellow phase of Scaramento U-turn signal

An unusual turn signal controls traffic flow at the south end of the Old Sacramento district between the Sacramento River and Interstate 5. The entrance to Old Sacramento is on Neasham Circle, but a median barrier prevents eastbound traffic on Capitol Mall from making a left turn. Instead, such traffic goes a few hundred feet east at 2nd Street to make a U-turn to go west on Capitol Mall and then right on Neasham into Old Sacramento.

The signal does not permit a left turn onto 2nd Street, hence the U-turn arrow on the green phase of the signal. The red and yellow phases use ordinary left arrows. In the case of the yellow phase, that might be slightly confusing, though the sign on the signal post clearly states the signal is for U-turns only.

This set of photos was taken in July 2009. Another photo from a different angle shows two more signals at this intersection.