It's Still the End of Missouri 269

Southern terminus of Missouri 269 at the Chouteau Bridge (2008)

The southern terminus of Missouri 269 is at the Chouteau Bridge, as it has been for many years. At one time, the route crossed the Missouri River, but it doesn't now, not even with the new bridge, open since 2001. The route will be decommissioned after the state relinquishes control to Kansas City as part of the Chouteau Parkway project, which began in April 2012.

This photo was taken in September 2008. Compare it to the photo taken on the north side of the old bridge in 1998 and to the location of the "End 269" sign assembly in 1998 at Missouri 210.

Even though the terminus in 1998 wasn't marked at the Chouteau Bridge, Missouri official highway maps of the time still showed that the state route extended up to the bridge's north landing, as it does now.