Missouri 7, Missouri 13, Missouri 18, and Missouri 52 in Clinton

Many routes converge on Clinton, Mo.

I believe this intersection in Clinton ties for the honor of having the greatest number of state highways of any intersection in Missouri. This view is on Missouri 13 and 52 northbound at Missouri 7 and 18.

At this intersection, Missouri 7 joins Missouri 13. From this point northward and westward, Missouri 7 and 13 skirt the city, while Missouri 52 is along for the ride until it angles off to the northeast toward Windsor. It's also the eastern endpoint of Missouri 18.

There is also another intersection of four state highways in Branson West as a result of the November 2002 rerouting of Missouri 13 and Missouri 413 between Springfield and Branson.

This photo was taken March 11, 2003.