Missouri 13, Missouri 76, Missouri 265, and Missouri 413 in Branson West

Four Missouri routes intersect at Branson West
Photo courtesy of David Backlin (taken November 2002)

As a result of the rerouting of Missouri 13 along US 160 south of Springfield in November 2002, the former Missouri 13 became Missouri 413. In addition, a new connector for Missouri 13 was built at Branson West. This sign assembly shows one result. This is the southern endpoint of Missouri 413 where it joins the new Missouri 13 at Branson West. Missouri 76 follows the new route of Missouri while Missouri 265 follows the old route.

One curiosity of the new intersection is that four state highways intersect. The only other such place in Missouri that I know about is in Clinton. In Cassville, four routes are also concurrent, but one of them is a business route, Business Route 37. The others are Missouri 76, 86, and 112.