Giving Directions on Supplemental Routes

Directional banner on supplemental route EE at Moberly, Mo.

OK, so what we had here (left) in July 2002 is a nice shiny new reassurance marker for Route EE at US 63 in Moberly. It was brand new in 2002: it used the newer rectangular style with a larger font, just a few yards away from the project completing the US 63 freeway in Moberly.

What's so strange about that?

Look again at that directional banner. It was the first one I had ever seen on a supplemental route marker in Missouri other than on temporary construction-site signs.

This bannered supplemental route is in Platte County, Mo. "South N" photo courtesy of Ben Prusia

However, as it so happens, it was not the only one! In September, as part of the same US 63 widening project, I found another one at the interchange for Route F and Missouri 22 at Collier's Junction near Sturgeon. Ben Prusia found this marker (below) just south of Missouri 92 in Platte City, and also found an END marker for this same Route N at Missouri 152 and Interstate 435, also highly unusual in Missouri.