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Abbreviations: MO = Missouri Route, ALT = Alternate Route, SH = State Highway (for states other than Missouri), SP = Spur Route, SR = Supplemental Route (the secondary Missouri roads designated with letters).
MO 148

Missouri 148

North Endpoint: Iowa line NE of Hopkins (Nodaway)
South Endpoint: US 136, Maryville (Nodaway)
Principal Cities: Maryville
Counties: Nodaway
Derivatives: SP 148
Continues in Iowa as SH 148; formerly MO 27, renumbered in 1969 to match Iowa route; former MO 148 is now MO 248 in Barry County, and MO 173, MO 76, and MO 376 in Taney County

Spur 148

West Endpoint: US 71/136, 2 mi N of Maryville (Nodaway)
East Endpoint: MO 148, 2 mi N of Maryville (Nodaway)
Counties: Nodaway
Derivative of MO 148
0.2 mi connector forming a Y junction with US 71 and MO 148
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