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Missouri welcome sign

Welcome sign on US 54 at Missouri 79 in Louisiana.

Missouri 100/19

Missouri 100 and Missouri 19 on the south side of Hermann. The two routes are concurrent within most of Hermann.

US 69/Route W/Interstate 35/US 136

This sign assembly in Bethany has trailblazers to both Interstate 35 and to state supplemental route W.

Kansas City and St. Louis destinations from Columbia

Missouri's two major metropolitan areas are represented on this "big green sign" on US 63 northbound as it approaches Interstate 70 in Columbia.

Columbia city limits

This Columbia city-limits sign assembly on Route B entering Columbia is typical of thousands of city limits signs across the state.

Unity with Accountability!

The site, taken down after the attempted coup on the U.S. Capitol on January 6, has been restored, after the peaceful, constitutional transfer of power to President Biden on January 20, 2021. Still, the seditious role of Missouri Senator Josh Hawley in aiding and giving comfort to the Trumpist coup attempt must be addressed. There must be accountability; it appears the voters of Missouri must be the ones to ensure it. Thus, I strongly encourage you to contribute to the Just Oust Seditious Hawley PAC (JOSH PAC). Hawley makes me ashamed to be a Missouri native. He must learn that words have consequences and that our Constitution and laws are greater than any one person. He's a former law professor; he should know that! But it appears he will do anything for short-term political advantage. Time to send him back to Missouri...if Missouri will have him!

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