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As a consequence of ever-increasing mail abuse by spammers, I have decided to remove all the mailto links from this site. I'm sorry for the added inconvenience.

The influx of spam to my main e-mail provider was manageable until spammers began spoofing addresses based upon the provider's domain and my e-mail ID. This results in numerous bounce messages back to my main e-mail account, which are difficult for spam filters to adapt to. Once again, you can thank the selfish avariciousness of nasty spammers for making use of the Internet just that much harder.

E-Mail Address

nospam at cosmos-monitor dot com

Please note that this is in the form of an image. This is an additional, possibly futile measure to attempt to foil spammers and their illegitimate use of e-mail and network resources.

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Mark Roberts
Oakland, California
(contact information provided on this page)
This page was added October 1, 2006.
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