"Y" Bridge

Galena, Missouri - Photos courtesy of David Backlin

View of the center of the Y bridge in Galena, Mo.

The Galena "Y" bridge's unusual configuration has landed it a spot on the National Register of Historic Places. It's near Missouri 413 in the Stone County seat, crossing the James River. It was built in 1927, using concrete made from sand and gravel from the river bed just below.

The unique "Y" configuration accomodated a curve on then-highway 43, later Missouri 13. The "Y" is actually a split at one end of a longer span across the James River. If you saw it on a map, it would look like a "Y" turned on its side, open to the east.

In 1987, Missouri 13 was rerouted onto a new bridge just to the north. Missouri 13 was redesignated Missouri 413 in 2000.

David Backlin took these photos of the bridge in April 2004.

Photos of the Galena "Y" bridge

This is a larger version of the photo on this page, which looks east, showing the split at the "Y". This photo was taken on the bridge itself, which is still open for pedestrians.
This is another perspective, showing the north branch of the "Y" and a little bit of the south branch. Missouri 413 can be seen in the background.
This photo was taken from the west end of the span, looking east, showing the length of the main part of the bridge over the James River.
This perspective shows the north branch of the "Y", along with a sign describing the history of the bridge. The bridge is still in use, just not for motorized traffic.
This is a view of the south segment of the "Y".
This perspective is from the James River, looking up, showing the height and length of the bridge's main span.
This sign, at the north branch of the bridge, describes some of its history.
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