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Abbreviations: MO = Missouri Route, ALT = Alternate Route, SH = State Highway (for states other than Missouri), SP = Spur Route, SR = Supplemental Route (the secondary Missouri roads designated with letters).
US 136

US 136

West Endpoint: Missouri River, 8 mi W of Rock Port (Atchison)
East Endpoint: Des Moines River opposite Keokuk IA (Clark)
Principal Cities: Rock Port, Tarkio, Maryville, Stanberry, Albany, Bethany, Princeton, Unionville, Lancaster, Memphis, Kahoka
Counties: Atchison, Nodaway, Gentry, Harrison, Mercer, Putnam, Schuyler, Scotland, Clark
Derivatives: SP 136
Formerly MO 4 (entire route); US 136 established 1951, western terminus in St Joseph, with MO 4 remaining from Stanberry westward; moved to current route in 1960, entirely replacing MO 4

Business Route 136

Cities: Albany, Memphis, Kahoka

Spur 136

West Endpoint: US 136, 1 mi SSW of Tarkio (Atchison)
East Endpoint: US 59, 1 mi SSW of Tarkio (Atchison)
Counties: Atchison
Derivative of US 136
Forms a Y junction with US 59 and US 136; former SP 136 in Clark County between US 136 at Wayland and US 61 was closed and replaced by MO 27 in 2004
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