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Chevron East Bay Cities street map cover, 1964

Above: The cover of the 1964 East Bay Cities (Oakland, Berkeley, and so on) street map, published by the H.M. Goushá Company for Standard Oil of California, now Chevron. Chevron maps of the early 1960s featured color drawings of scenes from the area that the map depicted.

What's at this site?

This site features photos and other articles about interests of mine that I have shared over the years. See the Features listing on the right side of this page for links to different parts of the site.

Radios: In 2014, I gathered together articles that I had written about my collection of radios on various blogging sites, and put them here. A much earlier version of this site in the mid and late 1990s attempted to keep track of the comings and going of radio-station formats in Missouri, Kansas, and Illinois. When I moved to California, I discontinued that part of the site.

Roads: I was once a frequent participant on the Usenet newsgroup misc.transport.roads where, in the late 1990s, roadgeeks or roadfans would publish sites for the states where they lived. Remember that there wasn't Facebook or even blogging back then. Even though I didn't live in Missouri in 1997, I spent a lot of time there, motivating me to publish a site about Missouri roads. When I moved to California in 1999, I added photos of California road signs and sites. Subsequently, I added similar sites featuring New Mexico and featuring US highways in other states. Road maps are also a big interest of mine, especially historic maps of Missouri and California.

More: Aside from the list below, I have an interest in telephones and phone directories from the 1950s through the 1980s. I am also a road cyclist, but I don't have any related photos here. I'm really not a very fast or strong cyclist, but I can climb hills!

Where did the name come from?

The Cosmos-Monitor was the name of one of two daily newspapers in St. Charles, Missouri. It ceased publication in 1959. The other daily newspaper in St. Charles, the Banner-News, stopped publishing on May 31, 1978. Even though St. Charles and St. Charles County were rapidly-growing suburbs of St. Louis, evidently the Banner-News wasn't able to compete with the big city newspapers from St. Louis. After all, St. Louis County was just across the Missouri River.

Other photos at this site

Aside from the galleries and albums listed to the right under Features, here are some other selected photos:

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About the site

December 3, 2017: Updated the review of the CC Skywave radio to include brief information about the CC Skywave SSB, released in November 2017. Also: Updates to the road pages at this site in recent years have been infrequent. Please check out some thoughts on the future of those pages and give me your feedback.

October 14, 2017: Revised the page on the 1969 Iowa highway renumbering with a better-quality scan and additional information about the removal of concurrent route designations during that renumbering. Coming soon: a discussion of the future of this site, considering the low frequency of updates in recent years.

March 4, 2017: This is a quick note to mark this site's 19th anniversary. Due to a system crash, I wasn't able to do anything special - but, just as I was making this update, the system was able to boot again!

November 20, 2016: Yes, it's been a while. I've had a very busy and eventful couple of years. This update adds an article on the Sangean DT-160 DSP radio to Radios I Have Known.

September 17, 2014: Added article on the Magno KuBo radio from Indonesia to Radios I Have Known.

March 30, 2014: Added pages for my collection of radios, titled Radios I Have Known. Redesigned the site, using Google Fonts. Removed many borders and reduced the decorative use of color. Combined, these changes make for a more modern, clean look for the pages. Removed link to Posterous, which was bought and decommissioned by Twitter. The radio pages had previously been hosted at Posterous. Also removed the link to Blogger (blogspot). The text of those pages is still available, but, because of autoposting from Posterous, the photos were still hosted at Posterous. As a consequence, they disappeared when Posterous was shut down. Rather than try to reconstruct my posts on Blogger, I decided to host the radio posts at this site, which is much more under my control than blogging sites have been.


Copyright notice: All photographs at this web site were taken by me, copyright 1998-2017, Mark Roberts, all rights reserved, unless the name of the contributor is otherwise noted.

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